The Bonfire Choir is a classic Austin sound, guaranteed to start some toe-tapping, foot stomping, and shoulder shaking. Steeped from the throwback sounds of Bob Dylan, The Band, and the Rolling Stones… Andrew Crosby’s songwriting transports the listener to a simpler time, when kicking back after a hard day’s work gave reason for celebration. The types of songs you’d stumble across on your favorite watering hole’s jukebox.

Coupled with the cohesive accompaniments of Bob, Greg, Drew, and Adam, you’ll discover an authentic sound only possible with years of playing together. The guys have a blast with each other, and you can feel it in the music. 

It’s worth a listen under the hot Austin sun, gathered around a bonfire with friends, and especially with the guys in the choir. Well… how about a bonfire?

(from left to right)
Bob Chesner - Electric Guitar & Vocals
Drew Johnson - Tenor & Baritone Sax
Greg Avera - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Adam Klaybor - Drums
Andrew Crosby - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals